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Best cleanser for our body.Body polisher is a herbal Bath Powder.The medicinal and healing qualities from the herbs enter into our body and they heal and nourish our body.

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- Neeta
- Shipla Mehta

What is the reason to choose Herbal Beauty products?

Our skin is an organ that absorbs many of the things that we put on it, putting unnatural chemicals can be harmful and even dangerous. Although there are natural things that can be dangerous, too, like mica, anthrax, arsenic… Greeks actually put white lead on their faces for cosmetic reasons!

But, most natural things are often safer and less harmful than the unnatural fillers and things that you find in many lotions, soaps, and oils. Sulfates, parabens, PCBs, and more can cause allergies, cancers, and skin irritations.

Herbal beauty products tend to avoid the above mentioned red flags and have time honored ingredients that have been used for years to help skin and or hair. Oils like olive, coconut, keratin, lavender, almond, and many more that are derived from natural sources are super moisturizing-even more so than artificial oils, smell wonderful, and keep the moisture in for a long time. Most of the oils also mix well with other ingredients.


🍃25Raw ingredients (roots n herbs)

🍃Masoor dhal

🍃Sandalwood powder




🍃Baby rose



🍃Orange peel



🍃Tulsi/basil leaves

🍃Cucumber seeds

🍃Chirongi seeds


and many more…


🍃Increases skin tone

🍃Reduce body odour

🍃Removes dead skin/uneven patches

🍃Nourishing the skin

🍃Removes black heads.

🍃Use our Body Polisher for a flawless skin

🍃Suitable for all age groups

Weight: 250gms

How to use:

  1. Take a small amount of body polisher (2 Teaspoon) in a bowl
  2. Make a paste by adding little Water.
  3. Apply all over the body, gently scrub and wash away.


🌿Licorice, orange peel, aavarampoo for bright n glowing skin.

🌿Almond – protect our cells from oxidative damage, improves skin and a major contributor to reduce ageing.

🌿Baby rose n Poolankilangu means white turmeric root added for soothing n gives nice fragrance to our skin

🌿Saffron and tulsi -has antioxidants and can be used to treat acne.

🌿Sandalwood powder, vetiver, Almond – fade the appearance of dark spots black heads

🌸 Special benefits of Vetiver – gives nice fragrance, keeps all day fresh, balance the PH level, natural moisturiser, lightening n clarifying pores

Our Customer Reviews


The polisher has become my daily routine now, I have replaced my soap. It leaves the skin soft and doesn’t dry the skin out. ANd the most beautiful part is the after smell.

– Mamta


I used polisher to my brother..for his hands and he got tan high. SO I applied to him..after a wash. He feels very fresh and all teh dirt has gone from his skin…It’s giving results.

– Radhika


After reading a lot of popular reviews about the body polisher I was forced to try it. As I have a very sensitive skin and my post pregnancy pigmentation was hitting my confidence hard. After trying it I feel very refreshed and good.

– Vidhi

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